Fed stage and Fasted stage of your metabolism:

There are two types of phases that your body goes through: the fed stage and the fasted stage. Your body is in the fed state when it’s digesting and absorbing food. That fed state starts when you begin eating and lasts for three to five hours as your body digests and absorbs the food. In this stage it’s very difficult for your body to burn fat because your insulin levels are elevated.
After those three to five hours of digesting, your body goes into what is known as the post–absorptive state, which is when your body isn’t processing any food. This stage lasts until 8 to 12 hours after your last meal, which is when you enter the fasted state. It’s much easier for you body to burn fat during this time because your insulin levels are lower. When you’re in the fasted state your body can burn the fat that has been inaccessible during the fed state.
So for me since I eat from 11-7pm, I am a fat burning machine from around 3-11am (especially since I exercise in my fasted state). Too many people have a “late night snack” and then wake up and eat right away…never allowing their body to really dig into those fat stores.


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