To be tank top, short shorts and swimsuit ready…WE have to start making changes NOW!

I can help! How does this sound?

Starting February 19th, we will spend the weekend together virtually! On Friday, Saturday AND Sunday we will commit to a 3 Day Cleanse and have a 30 minute Zoom Conference Call together, each night, to strengthen our commitment to stick with it and answer all your questions! Accountability and support are EVERYTHING during these times, right?!

Then, starting Monday, we will begin the 21 Day Fix together…EXCEPT, it will be done the intermittent fasting way (eating in an 8 hour window instead of a 12 or 14 hour window) and I made the meal plan grain free. Talk about MELTING the fat off!

You will have such jaw dropping results in 24 days, your head will spin…I guarantee it! Just in time for Spring Break and coming into Summer!

There is a catch though, you have to purchase your Cleanse, workouts and meal plan. I’m not going to buy it for you but I’ll do everything else! wink emoticonIt’s a $180 investment in yourself but that’s a drop in the hat considering it covers your cleanse, supplements, ALL your workouts, 1 meal each day is paid for, a virtual weekend with me and a proven meal plan and meal timing that you can continue for your lifetime.

Because this is going to be pretty intimate (I’ll probably be in my pajamas), no Coaches (really, please don’t ask) and if you have the program already, you have to have gotten it from me to join…otherwise I’d have a small city to mentor and I just can’t do that!

Ready? Here’s the link and let’s secure your spot! Message me when you’ve completed your purchase. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and witnessing your transformation! heart emoticon


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