Don’t eat between meals….say what!?

Once upon a time, parents indeed told their children, “Don’t eat between meals.”The MADE Diet

Research shows that the amount of time now between eating is no more than an hour. In the 1970’s children were expected to wait 4 hours between meals.

Doctors didn’t find that eating more often was “better” for us…it was driven by the snack manufacturers. Those Fiber One bar commercials ARE pretty funny!! 😉

Now eating all day is the norm and people claim they are starving if they haven’t eating in 3 hours.

This forces the body to always be releasing insulin (our fat storing hormone) instead of going into lipolysis (the breakdown of stored body fat).

Our brains like to persuade us that we’re hungry in just about every situation: when disappointed, angry, sad, happy, neutral, when you see your favorite food commercial, when you smell coffee, baked bread or bacon. But did you know that as long as you are processing a meal (which takes several hours and up to 2 days), it’s really unlikely that what you’re experiencing is true hunger.

My point is to turn that phrase off in your brain, “I’m starving!” That is unless you ARE lost in the Swiss Alps for days with nothing but a Werther’s Original in your pocket.


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