Nutrition in a Nutshell

Nutrition in a Nutshell:
1⃣Eating Papa John’s Pizza🍕 won’t make you a better Football Player🚫🏈
2⃣If the ingredient list sounds like a chemistry chart, skip it📈
3⃣Choose “Nature’s Food” not “Health Food”☀️🍞
4⃣Gluten Free crap is still crap💩
5⃣Lean beef doesn’t need to be eliminated from cholesterol-lowering diets
6⃣A candy bar with 30g of protein is still a candy bar🍫
7⃣Organic crap is still crap💩
8⃣Hydroxycut will not make you look like a Fitness Model🚫💪🏼
9⃣Except for those poisonous mushrooms, if it comes from the ground🍠, a bush 🍅or a tree🍋, eat it
We were meant to eat fish🐟, meat🍗, eggs🍳, fruit🍓, roots🍠 and vegetables🍆. Avoid the packaging, commercial hype and guarantees. Modern technology is great for our communication📱 and transportation🚕but HORRIBLE for our hearts❤️ and waistlines🙇🏼.


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