What is an intermittent fast?

An intermittent fast (IF) is a managed period without food – it allows your body to run on stored fat, making you leaner. Additionally, research has shown that occasional fasting also increases levels of growth hormone in the blood when combined with a high intensity exercise program (for me it’s going to be 22 Minute Hard Core this month), making it an excellent double-whammy for fat loss!

Here are just a few tips for you to make IF easier if you are in the process of “trying it out” or you’ve committed and just getting started.

1) Eat a large, fat and protein-heavy meal before you fast. This will most likely be dinner.
2) Fast overnight. Optimally 16 hours of fasting is best so why not spent half of that time sleeping. There’s never a need to fast all day.
3) If possible, get your exercise in right before you break your fast.

IF isn’t for everyone and I have never claimed it to be. However, I use it, my family and friends use it and it works wonderfully for us. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of not eating for a few hours – we are designed to do it and when done properly, you will feel great and lose lots of body fat in the process!

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